October 13, 2017


Fast-forward about a week since we left Paris, Hannah took off to Dubai for work, while I visited some family in Poland. We met back up in Como for a phenomenal weekend.

Lake Como is a giant lake in the north of Italy, and is simply stunning. Lining the entire lake are little towns, centuries old. The largest of them is Como, on the south shore.

We spent our first morning walking to lunch. The previous night at dinner we had asked our waiter where they would go for lunch. He gave us the name of a restaurant that was a few towns over called Trattoria del Glicine. So we did the 8KM walk around part of the lake to build up an appetite.

Trattoria del Glicine

Piazza Santo Stefano, Via Vittorio Veneto, 1
22012 Cernobbio CO, Italy
Everyday: 12pm-2:30pm, 7-10:30pm

The hike up here was worth it. I didn’t take photos of the food, but let me tell you it was some of the best pasta I’ve ever had.

The views from hill were pretty stunning as well.

We walked down the hill, and decided to take a ferry back.


We spent the afternoon wandering Como. The main center of town is filled with cobble streets, local artist galleries mixed in with some high end Italian wares. So pretty typical for a tourist town, but still very enjoyable.

At lunch, we continued our recommendation game. We asked the waiter to pick us out a spot for dinner. So that’s what we did. And we were determined to continue this game as long as we could, only eating based on the recommendation of the previous place.

We were still full from lunch, and ordered way to much food.

I’m On A Boat

Woke up pretty early to grab a ferry to take us around the lake. Our goal was to get to Bellagio around mid-day, and spend a few hours walking around. The ferry is very slow. Took around three hours, but we didn’t quite mind. Surrounded by still water and gorgeous mountains isn’t a bad way to spend a few hours.


Steve Wynn named one of his casinos after this small town in Italy. Bellagio apparently translates to “elegant relaxation” - a very fitting name.

I’m On A Boat - Part 2

After some wandering and a few espressos, we grabbed some to go lunch from a local deli. We were a bit smarter this time, and took the express ferry back to Como. On board, we dove into our lunch which included cheese, olives, deli meats and a bottle of wine.

The next morning it was off to Milan.