December 27, 2017

Joshua Tree

After living in California for most of my life, finally made it out to the Joshua Tree National Park. The park is named for its famous tree which, assuming it can survive the desert, can live to be over a thousand years old.

Coming in Decemeber was a great idea - the temperature was about 61°F / 16°C during the day. In the summer months it’ll easily get over a 100 daily. Cost is $25 per vehicle per day.

We only spent a day in the park, but it’s possible to camp overnight. Make sure to plan a route before going, especially if you’re going with multiple vehicles. We had no cell reception in the entire park. Be sure to bring extra water and snacks, as there is no where to purchase inside the park.

We did a few easy hikes around certain areas, climbed a few rocks and mostly drove around appreciating the beauty of the area.

Park Info

Joshua Tree National Park
Daily: 8am - 5pm