September 30, 2017


We decided to play tourist for a day and go see some of the most famous rocks in the world. We knew it would probably be a bit of a bust - you can only get so close (~100 feet) and it is just a pile of rocks.

But it’s something we felt we had to see. So we hopped on a tour bus and drove out the English countryside.

It was definitely worth driving out there, but you don’t really need more than half an hour to walk around and snap a few pictures. Hannah got more excited about the cows grazing in the adjacent pasture than seeing Stonehenge.

To get inside the circle you have to book a special tour, and those are only offerered during certain months of the year. Considering we decided the morning of to go see it… there was no way we were getting inside.

But I’m not positive it’s worth the extra money to stand inside the formation.